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Originally Posted by Pbarrow View Post
Thanks Dire, a video would be really great right now! I scored it for 300 bucks which seemed like a lot coparwd to other entry level stringers until I read the replies. Still sifting through the strings too to see if there are any gems to try. I will post some pics and video next few days for the curious.
Dude, that's just not right!! Congratulations on the first and last machine you'll ever need! If you dive into it and take it seriously, you'll never want to let anyone handle your racquets again. I love my MS200. Love love love.

By the way, get some high quality spray lube from a bike shop and spray it from the top of the machine (not in the part of the head that grabs the string!) down into all the working parts. It will work much better that way. Personal experience.
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