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Originally Posted by TennisLovaLova View Post
why is that?
If I knew them in person I'd risk saying something like that but I dont.
Especially when Lebron is known to be surrounded by a very agressive and hysterical entourage...
Jordan is known to be quite a jerk, very self-centered and arrogant. It serves him very well as a competitor, but I don't hear many reports of nice things he did. There have been many reports of Jordan fighting teammates and holding grudges against people forever.

Lebron is the type of person who gets along well with everyone. He tried to play the bad guy role when he went to Miami but it just wasn't him. He went back to being a fun loving guy who everyone liked. Even Kobe said he can't get Lebron to talk trash, Lebron just smiles back. I don't consider his entourage aggressive or hysterical, perhaps you could provide a link?

I also do admit I don't know either in person, but considering how scrutinized they each have been, I feel I have some idea of what they are like.

Originally Posted by Sid_Vicious View Post
Whatever they going to do? Track Steve Dykstra IP address and send him hate mail?
Lol. I am gonna add extra deadbolts asap!
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