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Originally Posted by unorthodox stringing View Post
It would be a breeze to string this! No weaving of crosses! Hurray!!!

I think one side of the racket would generate only heaps of topspin and the other side only heaps of sidespin!

OMG! I am getting drawn into this.........
My previous low friction experiment from the first page didn't turn out so well - the response was very unpredictable and the ball would come off the interwoven and same side crosses differently. I decided to try another experiment after realizing I had not cut out the previous string job and replacing the crosses would cost 75cents. I mounted the frame on my stringer, cut out the crosses, & replaced it w/a half set of 12yr old Liberty 16 in a simplified pattern: weave pairs of crosses on the same side, which would allow me to use all crosses, give better support than skipping crosses, and require only normal tensions.
I expected terrible results but it turned out pretty good and I played more aggressively than with my usual APDGT (currently strung with 4G hybrid) in back to back games, which I won both of 6-0, 6-2 (my opponent was serving better in the 2nd game).
The racket is a very flexible, 95sq inch old school Dunlop which came in weighing over 13oz & swinging heavy like a wooden racket. I bought it used for $15 & was heavily modified but now plays very similar to a Donnay Gold @ around ~12oz ~340 SW.

Strings were Cyber Blue mains / Liberty 16 crosses @ 55lbs.
The strings seem beat up already after only about 1-1hr & 15min today, previously had 30-45min on the mains.

More about set up results here near the bottom of the page:

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