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Originally Posted by Pbarrow View Post
Thanks Dire, a video would be really great right now! I scored it for 300 bucks which seemed like a lot coparwd to other entry level stringers until I read the replies. Still sifting through the strings too to see if there are any gems to try. I will post some pics and video next few days for the curious.
HAH. The LF machines should be compared more to something like a Gamma X-ST, but TBH I still don't think that's a fair comparison. The build quality and sturdiness of the machine is more comparable to something in the $1K price range, IMHO. This is NOTHING like your X-2s or Klippermates. I assume you got a fixed clamp model and the machine wasn't just called a 200TT by mistake. If you got a LF floating clamp WITH a fixed clamp machine, you got a ridiculous steal. The LF Floaters are the best in the biz. It's a wonderful investment, and you won't have to upgrade unless you're looking for some bells and whistles (pre-stretch, digital adjustment, etc).

Originally Posted by verbouge View Post
Dude, that's just not right!! Congratulations on the first and last machine you'll ever need! If you dive into it and take it seriously, you'll never want to let anyone handle your racquets again. I love my MS200. Love love love.

By the way, get some high quality spray lube from a bike shop and spray it from the top of the machine (not in the part of the head that grabs the string!) down into all the working parts. It will work much better that way. Personal experience.
I'll second this, my buddy above is a fan of LF machines, as am I (although I don't own one anymore...). I'd expand by saying bike lube generally refers to dry silicone spray, and it will GREATLY increase the smoothness of motion on both clamp base styles. By the way, did you get the single action, or double action clamps?

Another thing I did was to add some overgrip material to the underside of the black plastic mounting hold-downs. This prevented movement of the frame in a side to side manner.

Video is still halfway through uploading. unfortunately, one of the extremely important parts of the video (the very beginning) was cut off, as this was filmed on miniDV tapes, and it looks like the encoded version on my PC is of a tape that was over-written. If I find the original I'll post the start, but it's been more or less discussed to death, you'll figure it out

Edit: Oh! Another thing that some people really like to do with this machine is to etch the tension marks into their bar. This removes the need to have the tension "ruler" on hand at all times... That came to mind when I reviewed footage.

Edit 2: Video is now viewable! I guess I didn't hit save in the editor before...?

Edit 3: I noticed that my buddy used the throat hold-downs over the triangle throat area rather than the throat bridge. This is what I'm talking about when I say you can keep the mounts out of the way of your working area. Some models actually differ in the mounts used, so this might not apply to you. Tensioner should be sort-of obvious from the video, and I left a few youtube comments to clarify.
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