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Originally Posted by Steve Huff View Post
You said you like "a slight industrial feel". Purple, Green, Orange??? What industries have you worked? Just kidding. They actually look pretty sharp. White grommets would look great.
Industrial "feel", not look. Really needed to sand these down again and apply another coat as some rough patches have appeared, so they definitely look industrial upon close inspection. Thankfully I'll be busy swinging for the fences so nobody will notice What I did forget to do is place the lettering I had in mind before I got carried away with the clear coat. I might have to find a solution for that as I have a bit paint missing from the throat of the purple fame which is very, very annoying.

Just added a second clear coat this morning. The remaining two fames I will spray matt black as I have no more patience for this spraying lark, and it is high time I started playing some tennis. I need to make sure I can put a few balls in the court as these frames are a bit brash

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