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Originally Posted by Tamiya View Post
How's the grip under the shrinkwrap on that?
Much of my oldies of that era with synthetic Dura+ has gone to mush
dunno whether to call it dry rot or just rubber degradation.
Yes, the grip has completely disintegrated.

Originally Posted by makinao View Post
Playing with it will give you much, much, MUCH more pleasure and satisfaction than just looking at it.
You are absolutely correct. I'm going to put a new grip on it, string it up, and give it a hit this weekend.

Originally Posted by Hannah19 View Post
Can't agree more.....get a nice leather grip and string it up with old fashioned syn gut at 70 lbs and go for it.!!!
Funny you mention that. In high school, I played with a Graphite II and I strung it with syn gut in the low 70s. But I think I'll go with a poly in the mid 50s instead.
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