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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
How much of a budget? We're r u flying from? Airfare from most USA POE to Paris, Barcelona, London, Brussels, Frankfurt......runs you about $1200 to $2100 per person coach fare with at least 30day purchase depending on your gateway and ow full the flights are - FYI many flights already full or at least the discounted coach fares already gone or very limited.

So your looking for an academy? Resort? Lots of options..........
Ah yeah, could have been more specific - sorry.
Flying/travelling from Scandinavia.

Am looking for a holiday place, where say a group of people come to play tennis X hours a day and get some coaching while doing it. I've seen deals around 700 dollars for a week with accommodation, free access to the courts and some amount of coaching.
Not academy, not good enough for that yet.
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