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Originally Posted by atatu View Post
I don't know, I just felt like the Blade was getting pushed around off the ground, it wasn't until I switched to the P1 that I had the confidence to hang in there on the baseline.
I am also trying the Blade 16x19 now and can see a lot of similarities with the Pro One. Both have nice feel and both have lots of weight in the hoop.
Both have around a 330 swingweight. Both have pretty good power and both are in that middle ground of players/tweeners racquets, also they both lean more towards "player" than "tweener".

How else would you compare them besides stability? For the record, I thought they were both among the most solid under 12 oz. sticks around, but the P1 is about 1/2 oz. heavier in static weight and that may give it a slight advantage in stability.
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