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I have it strung in my PDR+ at 62 lbs...I though it was pretty mediocre to be honest. Spin was ok but not as good as fresh RPM blast... I will have to see how the tension holds up. If you swing flat it sails, if you brush up it generates ok top spin...not something I will be purchasing in the future. However, I found it stiffer than RPM Blast and PHT. I usually string those at 62 or 63 in a full bed on PDR and never have any arm problems. My elbow was getting a bit of a twinge going at the end of two hours. If you are sensitive to arm pain this may not be your string. I think there are way better strings currently on the market. The other thing is they say its two strings in one, but when you look at it it looks like a single strand of string with just two colors. I think the two string thing is a gimmick.
Luxilon....10/10 would big banger

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