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I've tried to tune my racket on three separate occasions now, for a sum total of 4.5hrs. Unfortunately I got nowhere. My shot's were going to the right, to the left and exactly where I wanted. I've also tried tuning by height and it didn't improve my accuracy. Maybe I have abnormally large arms, like djokovic. It would be great if we could sort MgR/I by arm/torso length. Although, that would take a large focus group and lots of money to pay them.

It's frustrating as I now am back to the interminable demoing racket's process. It's also frustrating, as I had planned some experiments. These were:

1) Test how switching from eastern to a extreme eastern, and SW, grip impacts MgR/I?
2) Test the effect of wristband location. I was going to check at the elbow, upper forearm, lower forearm and at the wrist.
3) Test the impact of choking down the handle. I was going to check a 0.5 inch movement, then 1" and finally 2 inches.

Anyway, although MgR/I was a failure for me, I'm nerdy enough to stil have some questions on it.

This thread suggests the racket face should be closed by 10 degrees for optimal top spin. Does MgR/I impact whether the racket is closed/open at impact?

You have told me that muscle mass doesn't affect MgR/I much. If you went from skinny guy to Arnie (not that I intend to), how much would the MgR/i change? Does leg and torso mass/length have an impact?

Sorry for the constant questions. I'm just trying to further understanding of MgR/i.

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