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Great article. Love video examples like that.

He is playing hurt, can't reach above his head like normal with his shoulder and his back is bad. Add his extremely limited offensive game and his poor footwork and attitude and you are going to see teams expose him more and more if they make the playoffs.

As good as we were with Dwight, I also felt like we would never win a title unless we got a star wing. He just was so easy to shut down. The pistons did it every year, then the Celtics. Only time we got past them, they did not have Garnett (who mastered defending dwight).

I watch Vucivic, who is still developing, and his offensive game is miles ahead of Dwights. He displays incredible touch, scores from both blocks, keeps the ball high, can shoot from 12 feet out..and he is only in his second year. But he is doing the things a C has to do to be a scoring threat.

I don't think Dwight will ever develop those skills. Add to the fact that his back possibly will never get better, and honestly, I feel sorry for the Lakers if they give him a max deal. The truth it, with all those question marks, he will STILL most likely get a max deal this summer.

I think the best situation for him is to go play next to Dirk in Dallas if he wants to win a ring. That is the ultimate pairing. Mayo is a very nice SG, and Dirk is an incredible player. It already worked with Tyson Chandler, who basically is a poor man's D12.
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