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Originally Posted by MG73 View Post
I am using two strings, the mains will last 3 times as long as cross's. Due to the hole size of cross's I need to tie off my cross's to the mains, on top. This means when mains come out so do cross's. This may seem like a radical idea, but has anyone heard of or tried drilling out one of the cross holes to better accommodate two strings through same hole? I could then tie off the cross string to itself. I am considering doing this so I don't have to remove cross's each time. What do you think, or any other ideas???
Don't under any circumstances drill it out. You can use a lubricated awl to open a grommet hole but I wouldn't do that either. When you restring replace all strings.

EDIT: Open the grommet hole up before you have a string in it so you don't break the string with the awl.
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