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Originally Posted by jamesblakefan#1 View Post
If I'm not mistaken, Mayo's a FA after this year too though. The problem for any team that signs Dwight to a max deal would be getting those pieces to surround him with. On paper it isn't like LA is that bad of a fit.

You say he needs a star wing...well there is that Kobe guy out in LA who's still pretty good. Replace Gasol with a true stretch 4 to fit Dantoni's scheme, add some depth, and they could do work next year. Dwight's gotta get healthier and hold up his end of the bargain though.

EDIT: Mayo has a player option. He could always opt out and try to get more money on the FA market, I would love to see him in Chicago.
I was talking about the Magic though. Im not talking about LA, which runs a different scheme then what the Magic did. Orlando built the entire offense around Dwight. It was too easy to crowd the 3 point shooters since we did not have a star wing that could create his own shot. If LA gets the stretch 4, than they will be running a similar scheme and it will help for sure.....if Dwight is healthy like you said.

I am pretty sure Dallas has a ton of expirings and will be able to resign Mayo if he opts out and get Dwight (if dwight wants to play there and take a financial loss). Dirk, OJ, Dwight is really nice on paper. I'd take it over Kobe and Dwight because Kobe and Dwight just don't have any chemistry. Of course, Dwight has never had much chemistry with anyone. He is not exactly the most liked guy in the league.

Dwight is in the same boat as LBJ was a a free agent. I am pretty sure LBJ took a paycut to play in Miami, but he rebuilt his image when he won a title. I personally think Dwight next to Dirk would be optimal for him to win a title. Even more than Kobe.

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