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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
Well I have gall bladder anymore. The cuts from Lapro are healing pretty well. havent noticed anythign different yet as far as taste and digestion is concerned.

Was in quite a biut of pain for about 4 days. Then its was tolerable pain. Now there is harly any pain at all. They hit me after surgery pretty hard withpain meds or they went extra hard on anestesia. It took me quite a while to be able to stand up and be comfortable after the surgery.

Still cant do any heavy lifting or activity for another 2 weeks though.
Hope you feel better soon man, how old are you? I was 20 when I had mine taken out and recovered fairly quickly, the first couple of days were damn terrible as I remember them though but it was smooth sailing after that. I worked at Lowe's at the time and I want to say that I was lifting bags of concrete again in about 10-14 days. Pretty easy recovery if you're younger and in fairly good shape.

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