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Originally Posted by tennytive View Post
I have an old Pioneer DC drop weight.

It would be great if there was some sort of gauge based on tension that would allow me to know exactly how high to raise the bar so that it would land horizontal on the first pull.

There are times when it happens, but with different strings, tensions, not as often or predictable as I would like.

That feature alone would really cut down on my stringing time.
Ah, the pains of traditional dropweight stringers I wish a mechanism like this was easy to design, it makes more sense to invest in an 'automatic dropweight' design, or a ratcheting dropweight, the adjustment is RELATIVELY painless compared to a complicated system like you have in mind. I imagine implementing something like that would start driving the prices of DW machines into the range where it makes sense just to go electric (Obviously this is just idle speculation, I am fully aware that this is 'dream features'). Do you utilize your ratcheting function?

Originally Posted by AR15 View Post
I'd like to see string packaged and delivered woven. You would take the woven string and thread the mains and crosses from the inside of the frame. The string machine would stretch all of the mains and crosses at one time, and fuse the string ends to the racquet.
This is actually a pretty crazy idea that would be really neat... It'd be even neater if you could hand tighten/crank down your string bed as it got more and more dead (although this would probably reveal that tighter isn't better...)
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