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Got the bag, and I must say it's really nice!

The compartment layout is smart, the materials look like they can take a beating and the zippers look pretty solid as well.

There's grab handles on either end which is awesome, and the wallet compartments are nice and small, so your little things don't get lost, and you don't have to fish for your phone forever.

The size is great - it fits racquets and tons of gear without being overly bulky.

If I had to knock anything, I would say the compartment separators could have been made of a thicker fabric and the backpack handles are a bit stiff. The bag needs a little airing out, as it off-gasses from all the polyester, but that should be good in a few hours.

Overall it's a perfect bag for my needs and the materials look really nice and stealthy.

Thanks again for your help Michelle!
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