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Originally Posted by polytheist View Post
If you are squeezing too hard maybe it is the grip, change something there. Might even try going bigger not smaller. I had TE for a big while but addressed with many equipment changes, grip being one. I use a leather grip with a single overgrip.

Other components were a heavy flexy racquet RA 62, 355g strung, smaller headsize 95, open string pattern 16x19, being picky about my gut/poly choices (cofocus 1.18 is the stiffest cross i can handle). Any of the "soft" polys are ok as crosses, but keep the tension below 50.

Incidentally most full multis bug my arm. Gut/multi is ok though.
My grip measures to 4-1/4. After I got GE a few years ago, I went up to 4-3/8 because it seemed easier on my elbow. If anything, I'd go a little smaller by trying a Prince ResiThin replacement grip.

The Exo Tour flexes at 52 with a 16x18 pattern. I like the mid plus head sizes best. I can't swing a 355g racket without bothering my shoulder. I just strung up gut/Ytex to see if that helps any. It feels about the same stiffness as a full bed of X1 but not quite as soft as PPA.

Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post
Leather felt great but aggravated every part joint from my hand to my shoulder. Arthur bites
Yeah, leather transmits too much shock. I've also thought about buying the Shock Shield replacement grips.
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