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Originally Posted by travlerajm View Post
I played 8.0 USTA in 2013, but I turned down 3 offers to join 4.5M teams and 2 offers to join 4.5M over 40 teams. Why?

The twisted logic works like this:
My work schedule with my med device startup keeps me busy, so I only end up on court about 2-3 times per month. If I joined a 4.5 team, my ego wouldn't be able to take losing matches to guys who I could beat if I played an extra time per week. So then I'd have to play an extra time per week. But then I'd have less time to work on my startup, which could put its success in jeopardy. If my startup fails, I'll be out on the street with no money for court fees. So I make the tough decision to forgo 4.5.

On the other hand, I can win almost every USTA 8.0 match without needing to practice much, since most of my opponents are 4.0/4.0 teams (until you get to sectionals at least).

I do pack a racquet with me whenever I travel (which is often), and I do bring my racquet to the gym with me to hit against the racquetball wall at least once a week - so that my strokes are ready for social tennis (or USTA 8.0) whenever I get the call!
So your logic makes perfect sense. But do you feel you are getting a good and fun match playing 4.0 when in essence your a stones throw from 4.5? You don't have much time, so you certainly want to make it outstanding when you get out there. How ya doing with that?
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