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Originally Posted by merwy View Post
A great upset. Hard to say if its' better than the Rosol one. On the one hand it is because no one thought Nadal could lose at RG and it ruined his consecutive RG titles record. And Soderling actually made the final and made it possible that Federer won RG to complete the career slam. It's as if Soderling was Federer's henchman and made it all the way to the final to personally hand over the trophy to Roger. Soderling also kept on playing well and become the #4 in the world while Rosol was a one hit wonder.

But on the other hand this was at Wimbledon, the most formal and prestigious event in the world, where Nadal got completely murdered (even more than against Soderling) by the #100 (exactly 100, which makes it funnier) in the world, in the SECOND ROUND! And of course this amazing match brought forth the one and only FedererLaughingAtRafa.gif.

I really can't decide which one is more awesome but I'm very happy that these kinds of matches happen, they make tennis a lot more exciting.
A 5 set match with a 6-4 final set is being murdered? Talk about exaggeration.

Remember how exciting you find these types of matches when one eventually happens to Fed. I am certain you will be on here whining your head off about it when it finally happens.
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