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Originally Posted by JohnB View Post
I was hoping you came up with a formula or something
i wish I was that clever.

Although the swingweight increase is enormous, the twistweight increase isn't that much higher, relatively speaking. So it might be that a certain twistweight is optimal for this purpose and that just a little finetuning is needed. If you want to combine this experiment with a proper power gradiŽnt towards to tip, you have to start with a very, very light frame.
An extraordinarily light frame. If we're looking at 60 grams to balance spin generation from side to side I think the only way to simultaneously liven the upper hoop would be with frame stiffness. With so much mass concentrated at 3&9 the frame would probably have to counterbanced at the buttcap with a massive wad of tungsten or spent uranium. All that buttweight should soften the frame enough so that a superstiff tip might not be uncomfortable. Or, someone could make a 100% graphene racquet that weighs 1 oz with 150 swingweight that could easily be leaded up with massive amounts from 4 all the way round to 8, creating the perfect stringbed. I'm calling a patent attorney
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