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Originally Posted by 10ismom View Post
If you are determined to treat them equally, not feeling inferior, not being your favorite, you'd better start being sensitive yourself. TRY HARD not to compared them or overly excited on what the youngest one accomplishs at so and so ....age.
What I have seen is parents getting too excited and compared them so much. Kids are going to pick up on that easily. What makes the youngest proud, will also make the older ones feel like a loser.
Also be open minded and nurture individual talent. It's impossible for all of your children to have equal tennis talent. If you are open minded, you might find that one kid is great in math, music or a great soccer player instead of tennis talent.
(Speaking from my experience growing up in a big family, raising 2 kids and seeing what other parents have gone through. Good Luck and enjoy each child's accomplishment!)
Yes...not comparing is something I try to do. This open mindedness is a very good advise, thank you! I really have and try to keep that in mind. I'm wondering maybe tennis has got way too much attention in our family lately.

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