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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
What's a joke is your lack of understanding of how things work.
YOUR forehand might defeat me breadsticks, but it won't faze a 5.5, and Federer will pound it into a clean winner.
YOUR backhand might cause me to miss over and over again, but a good 5.5 will pummel you by going to your backhand every time.
YOUR serve might knock me silly on my butt, but a good 5.5 will just chip it into a corner you can barely reach, as you stumble and fall on your face.
What you call "POWER" might be just a rally ball for someone better than you.
Dude, you replied to op who was asking for a video of high level slice technique. Is your 200+ word reply not an attempt to describe how to hit a "high level" slice? You won't post a video demonstration because one cannot see whether a slice is penetrating or not on video? I call bravo sierra.

Come on man, either a ball is penetrating or it isn't. Either it kicks or it doesn't.
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