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Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post
OK, so I had the flu last week (along w/a nasty sinus infection). Both well-treated with tamiflu and antibiotics and full doses taken.

But I show up today to play in an in-house and admittedly "fun" (re: non-USTA) doubles league. My (very regular & kick-butt) partner also showed up to play...and, gosh, did we ever. Pro-set 10-4 W. NID

Afterwards, and maybe because we're all "friendly," one of our opponents breaks down, sobbing. Background issues aside, she openly complained about me showing up to play with a bunch of "germs."

Seriously? Other than touching the balls to serve to hit/toss them back over the net....I did nothing. Never touched the scorecard (which we never even used), wasn't "close" across the net from her and, afterwards, politely acknowledged the match but didn't shake hands.

Have any of you ever had cause to pause....because your opponent is or admitted to having been sick recently? Do you think you could get sick from merely playing a match against someone who had been ill?
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