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It is difficult. There are a variety of reasons for it happening. The older son did less sports when he was younger. The older son has a different body build. The younger son is really large and somehow coordinated at the same time. The younger son is left handed and can touch his elbows together behind his back (try that!) I think as the younger son wins more matches it becomes harder and harder for the older son to win. Our older son is much more conservative and not willing to take risk. The younger son THINKS he could make the shot. He is willing to take risks on the court. Our younger son also has that obsessive personality where he is willing to do the same thing over and over again. This proves to help with a sport like tennis.

Everyone does somethings in life better than others. I think our older son is more level headed and school is easier for him. Dad is proud of both. Maybe even a little more proud of the older son because he has stuck with tennis even when it was not easy for him.
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