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Originally Posted by Texas Scrambler View Post
Mixed Doubles Emotion, Always a Mystery. I play a lot of mixed doubles both for recreation and in club competitions. I find the recreation mixed dubs interesting that the ladies usually do the recruiting and they like to recruit high on the talent level. This tends to make the game even more polarized with two players much better on the court. I hear the ladies say they like to play with the power of men but their consistency drops off rapidly. That can't be fun is it?

I know when I get thoroughly outplayed I learn from the experience but never really feel like I have an answer for the talent and hence nothing to work on.

Wouldn't recreational mixed be much better with 3.5 dudes and 4.0 ladies? It never seems to be that way though.

The competition adds another level of emotion and i agree the 4.5 M + 3.5 W are likely to do well. You need power to neutralize a 4.5 M otherwise they cover the court too well. If faced with the situation, mix it up lots with lobs over the dude and shots to the 3.5. All is fair the talent level is different.

My lady partners get lots of attention and I tell them to get every shot they can and I will cover the rest. If I see them not being aggressive, I will let the ball go by and say your shot. You gotta take it.

BTW, you have to mix it up. When I see every ball going to my partner, makes it super easy to poach. You know where the ball is going.

No help to your problem but on the flip side, must feel pretty good when you beat one of the 4.5 M in mixed dubs. It happens.
Texas it used to be 6.5, 7.5, 8.5 etc.... a long time ago, but it changed. I agree that the men's rating are about a step higher than the ladies.
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