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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
They'll then go out, spend big in the summer, and proceed to wipe to floor with everyone again next season. I think they'll buy Neymar, Suarez, and a few upcoming Germans and then just mop up La Liga like usual.

With all that being said, Puyol needs to call it a day. Di Maria made him look stupid on that second goal.
Do you think they will spend that much? I agree they will bring someone in, maybe Suarez out of the people you mentioned (I think Neymar will wait until after the World Cup), but I think he's pretty similar to what they already have. They have been linked with Bale every summer, but I still think he will end up at Man Utd eventually. I think Falcao would be easy to get for them, they have been a little bit more direct this year but they don't really have a number 9 to make the most out of it, someone for all the little players to play around in a way. I've not seen him mentioned, but on paper he would seem like the big name who would add most to them.
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