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Originally Posted by MeHere2PlayTennis View Post
I personally think 2 top 4.0s will beat any type of 4.5/3.5, as long as the 3.5 and 4.5 are really just high for their level not a self rate/ high .5 higher.

It would be interesting to know across various sections if any of the winning teams from their states play all 4.5/3.5 a combination or all 4.0s

Alright, you got me curious so I looked at the levels of the various teams that played at 8.0 mixed nationals for 2012. These are the semifinal and final matches. The current 2013 ratings are what I've listed which shows that most of the players were ready to be bumped and in some cases may have gotten bumped two levels:

Team (W/L) [Male current level/Female current level]

SoCal ----- Middle States
4.5/4.0 (L) ------ 4.5/4.5
4.5/4.5 (W) ------ 4.5/4.0
4.5/4.5 (W) ------ 5.0/3.5

SoCal ------ Southern
4.5/4.5 (W) ------ 4.5/4.0
4.5/4.5 (W) ------ 4.0/5.0
4.5/4.0 (L) ------ 4.5/4.0

Southwest ------ Middle States
4.0/4.0 (L) ------ 4.5/3.5
4.0/5.0 (W) ------ 5.0/3.5
4.0/4.5 (L) ------ 4.5/3.5

Only two matches where the stronger male team lost, but in the first one I listed he played with a 3.5 partner and the other team had basically a 9.0 team. In the other one they also played against a basically 9.0 team with the woman being 5.0.
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