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Originally Posted by Itagaki View Post
If it works for you then stick with it. Personally i'd say this is too slow in terms of progression and I think you're overcomplicating it with so many factors. (moving from 3x5 to 3x10 without any description of how you get there is what gets me)

Basically, over time as I get stronger, I'm able to do more reps per set. It sorta evolved from high school when I worked out with the football team after school. They did a warm up, 5 sets of 5 on bench - increasing weight each set - and a cool down. So when I got outta high school and joined a gym, my 5 sets started to include warm up and cool down with 3 sets of doing same weight.

Originally Posted by Rickson View Post
Sabala, 2 things I'd change in your routine. Don't stretch in between sets unless it's dynamic stretching, and stop doing so many reps. If I wish to max out at let's say 315, I'll do 5 reps with 135, 4 at 225, 2 at 275, and a single at 315. You're wasting too much energy by doing all those reps.
Just curious... any particular reason for not stretching, (nope, not doing dynamic stretchies btw)? I'll also "shake out" my arms and massage triceps in between too to loosen up between sets. Takes up a lot of time though - about 20 mins to get through bench routine.

Also, for rest - I typically go 2 days rest between workout, then after a month or so I might take 4 days rest or only 1 day rest between workout. Seems like if I go 5 days between workout I come back weak and lost strength?

Thanks for the advice guys, it's been awhile since I went to the gym, (I can check on 24Hour Fitness site how long it's been but I'm afraid to look, lol) so probably a good time to try out something new -
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