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2 Racquets
2 Small Towels
1 Mid Towel (this is the one I usually use)
Cans of balls (2-old 1 or 2 new)
Swimming Trunks (yes, swimming trunks for the odd occasion we're playing on a court next to a pool in the summer and decide to jump in after, lol)
Wrist Bands
Couple of caps for summer and one winter hat (for when it's 40 out, lol)
Long pants (warmups, again in case it gets cold)
Bug spray
Small tape measure
3 16oz water bottles (1 water 2 mix) - Winter
4 16oz water bottles (2 water 2 mix) - Summer

Things I usually have on from home but can be in the bag if I'm not going home to change first (ASO braces, shoes, shorts, compression shorts, 2 pairs of socks, shirt).
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