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Originally Posted by Andyroo10567 View Post
Just out of curiosity, why would anybody carry strings in their bags? It would get kinked if you shuffle around your bag. And just generally a bad place to put them in. I would understand if it was just 1 set of strings though. But 2,3+.... Why?
I carried my reel with me when I went to state because I knew nobody carries the string I played with at that time. It didn't unravel or anything. I've also sometimes had 1 or 2 sets of strings in one of the pockets, but that's been mostly because I bought them, put them in there after purchase and forgot to take them out. lol

I don't carry string around if I'm in town. If I break both my racquets, it's probably time to stop playing anyway. I usually keep pretty close tabs on when to alternate so that this doesn't happen.
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