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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
Mom would probably run through a brick wall for him, though. It's hard to leave someone you trust completely for an unknown quantity. In some ways it would be breaking up the family.
Sharapova's dad worked his way out slowly - if Mom doesn't want to leave, it's really hard for DY to fire her.
It's definitely a difficult situation. There is no one out there who would have his back more than his mother. After all the trials and tribulations especially with the USTA the Youngs probably have an "us against the world" attitude. I don't think that Donald would fire his mother. It would be up to her to make that move, I think. As a tennis mom I can tell you that you live and die with every match your kids play. There are no fans or cheerleaders as there are in team sports. You are it. You comfort your child who is crying and crushed after a tough loss. You are the one celebrating, giving high fives after a great and hard fought win. I've seen high level junior match where a kid loses a tough match and tells his mother to "leave him the hell alone" and she does. In my opinion that's what a parent should do especially when the results have been poor. Donald needs a coach to tell him to "shut the hell up" when he starts to whine. Someone he respects and will listen to. I bet that is what Lendl told Murray. I used to hate Murray for his whiny, mopey demeanor. When Lendl is in Murray's box, you don't see that behavior. Murray can focus on his game and on the new aggressive style they have worked on together instead of moping about a call that he didn't like.

As you wrote, Sharapova replaced her dad as coach. So did Serena and Radwanska. We are all still waiting for Wozniacki to do the same. I'm hoping that Donald will also. After watching him play live, I know that he needs to change something. Remember the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
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