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Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
At 3.0, go with a "get the ball in play" serve. 3.0s aren't going to rip winners off a floater serve. Just make the thing.
As a 3.0 who does "rip winners off a floater serve", I disagree that we don't. Because my serve sucked (it's getting better) and I got broken so much, I worked incredibly hard on developing a very good return of serve. While the rest of my game lingers at the solid 3.0 level, my return of serve works well for me at the 3.0, 3.5, and 7.0 mixed levels.

Example: I was playing in a tournament this weekend (social club - B division) and by the end of the first set, our opponents didn't know what to do when serving to me. They even threw out playing Aussie (didn't work) and playing two-back. I don't remember how many outright winners I hit, but more often than not even if it wasn't a winner, I would draw an error or a weak reply that would set my partner up.

Now, I will grant you that my "ripping winners" off any shot is an entirely different stroke than a 4.0 "ripping winners", but all things being relative, there are 3.0 players that work hard on developing a 'weapon'.
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