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Originally Posted by man_untd11 View Post
Personally I think the most important thing for volleying is weight. If you have a decent weight your volleys will have a bit more pop on them. Low weight and naturally they'll lack some power.
Same experience for me.

Softer frames have a slightly diminished measure of "pop", which is usually much more apparent when those flexible racquets also carry less heft. A middle-weight frame with some stiffness will still offer some zip on a more compact shot like a volley, but a lighter racquet with significant flex can seem relatively dead.

I picked up a pair of Yonex RD Ti 80's last year, which weigh around 12.8 oz. and are also gummy-bear soft. They have bananas spin potential for me, but also volley with a boatload of authority. I love those frames for heavy doubles play, but prefer my leaner Volkl C10's for everyday action. The Ti 80's are actually quite powerful because they're rather heavy. My Volkls are stable enough for me to volley well, but they also give me a better balance of power and control from the back court.

If you can get a little lead tape on your hoop at maybe 3/9 o'clock (2/10 o'clock is fine, too), that might raise your racquet's volley performance in a hurry. A little lead under your grip (counterbalancing) can also preserve the balance you had in your stock layout. When my racquet has a familiar feeling balance, it's usually easier for me to maneuver it more effectively around the net when I want to react quickly to incoming shots.
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