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Default Straight arm

Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
Here's the video of Djokovic I've found. He hits backhands at the beginning and end.

I don't see a lot of separation of the left arm elbow from the body, but a little.

It seems that there is a fairly standard 2hbh form with a low takeback, slight elbow extension during the forward swing of the top hand so that it is mostly straight at contact, racket dip before contact is made, and slight extension from the body.

I also checked out some video of Safin and his doesn't look terribly different. He also has a non-loop takeback, left arm elbow extension into contact, with a mostly straight left-arm at contact and separation of the left arm elbow from the body, but not a huge distance.

It seems that it wouldn't be too difficult to teach this shot using Djokovic as a model for the student to emulate.
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