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I think it is also a matchup issue with the big 4, those other 3 guys don't rely so much on their wheels as Ferrer does and can hit through the top 4. Ferrer relies a lot on outmaneuvering his opponent and with the exceptional court coverage of the top 4 he is unable to do that. So against the top 4, yes those players are better.

But against basically all other players, Ferrer can be possibly considered "better" than them IMO. For example, I think Del Potro playing his very best level would still lose to Ferrer at his best (contrary to the popular belief). The players Ferrer has real trouble beating are those with exceptional movement, and the top 4 happen to be amazing in that category. Interestingly, other players Ferrer has trouble with are Monfils and Davydenko, two other exceptional movers outside the top 4.

It's not just a matter of him being more consistent than them, against 95% of the field he is actually a better player than Berdych, Tsonga, and Del Potro IMO. Just a bad matchup with the big 4.

quoted for truth. Del Potroand Berd at their best could never beat Ferrer at his best, though Tsonga may be able to
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