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Originally Posted by Chanwan View Post
While President's analysis is interesting and certainly have some merit to it, I do believe that a Delpo, Tsonga or Berdych playing as well as they can will beat a Ferrer playing as well as he can.

Why? We all agree that when on, they can 'hit their opponent off the court', 'take the racquet out of their opponents hands' and all those things.
Enough to be able to beat the Big Four even when they're not playing poor at all and even when they're playing very well (exhibit: Tsonga vs. Fed at Wimbledon)

Same should hold true against Ferrer.
Though his best may beat their best on clay (Delpo being the question-mark there).
I can agree with you on Tsonga, he is a fantastic mover when he is playing well as well as a big hitter. But no, I don't think Del Potro playing his best would beat an on-fire Ferrer on any surface except maybe clay (ironically). I have watched every single Del Potro-Ferrer matchup, and it's obvious to me that Del Potro just doesn't have the footwork or speed to match Ferrer. It doesn't matter how hard he hits the ball because he is always going to be out of position anyway because Ferrer takes the ball so early and places it amazingly with his forehand. Watch Del Potro vs Ferrer at Wimbledon or Miami last year, they were really tutorials on how to beat a clumsy big hitter.

And I thought we were talking about playing at their best, I don't think Federer was playing well at all in the 2009 USO (well, after the first set and a half at least) for example.
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