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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
That may be the biggest reason why pros are no longer serving and volley. Polys are allowing balls to dip much more than before, picking up balls off of your ankles are no fun.
Besides making it nearly impossible to hit a volley winner from that position, it forces you to hit up and over the net, floating the ball back which puts the baseliner in a great position to load up for a passing shot.

I do think many players would benefit from serving and volleying more often, but I'm not sure doing it on every first serve is the answer. A nice mix would be more practical and effective, IMO.

I also think many players should be more aggressive on their second serve vs. just spinning it in. Many guys, like a Raonic or Isner, IMO, are starting second serve points on the defensive, or neutral at best, against the top players on second serves. And, in either situation, defensive or neutral, they are going to lose the majority of those points. Why not risk a little more to start those points off on your terms? So what if you DF a few times and give away free points. I'd bet the end result would be to their benefit. And, it would also increase the effectiveness of the "safer" second serves when they chose to use them. Again, just my opinion.
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