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I can understand you saying that about Del Potro (although his USO win is literally the only thing he has over Ferrer, he is much worse in every other career metric), but for Berdych and Tsonga it makes no sense. They have 1 slam final each, Ferrer has none. Ok. But Ferrer has 6 slam SFs (far more than any of those guys), more titles, more weeks in the top 10, etc etc etc.
Nothing Ferrer has achieved equals the value of a slam final IMO. If he had 3 Masters titles as opposed to 1 I would probably give it to him. However he only has 1, and it took him alot longer than Berdych and Tsonga winning theirs to even win that one. A career with a slam final and 1 Masters title > a career with no slam finals and 1 Masters title. Berdych and Tsonga also have more and bigger wins in majors. Ferrer only has 2 really, beating Nadal twice in a hard court slam (beating Murray at the French is no big win). Berdych has beaten Federer twice in fast court majors, and beaten Federer and Djokovic back to back at Wimbledon to make his final appearance there. Tsonga has taken out all of Federer, Djokovic, Murray, and Nadal in a major, and his run of wins to reach his Australian Open final was extremely impressive.

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