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Originally Posted by SwankPeRFection View Post
What ever happened to the old days when this would happen, you could deck his *** and when he's on the ground rolling around you stand over him and say "It was this other guy who accidentally hit you with the ball you ****ing idiot!" Now maybe you'll think twice about just acting like you did next time something like this happens and at least blame the right person.

Oh yeah, that's right... people call the cops now or try and sue you over a bloody nose. Can we rewind back 20-30 years please? Things were simpler back then.
True, what is the point of spending hours and hours at the gym if you can't lay out a jerk every now and then.

Unfortunately, you have to sit there and take it and your only retaliation is to call the police if you want to stay out of trouble yourself.

Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
You guys must live in crime-free areas where the police have nothing at all to do if you think someone throwing a water bottle should take precedence over whatever else the police are dealing with at the time. Thank goodness the OP was good enough not to call the police.
Kicking the guy out of the group was probably a good idea. It wouldn't be good if, say a woman in the group, felt unsafe because of the guy's actions. Not so much to punish the guy so much as to have courtesy to the good people in the group.
Sorry that everyone doesn't live in the hood and that the police in our area care about light assault situations. This is the world we live in, adults shouldn't hit other adults.

Originally Posted by 5point5 View Post
LOL. You wanted to call the cops because he threw a water bottle at you?! Talk about being a baby...
Big talk. From what I see the people who are so quick to fly off their rockers are the same people who wouldn't last very long if law and order were to break down. They do things like throw around water bottles knowing that they are relatively safe from getting severely beaten in retaliation.
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