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Thanks for all the replies. It has occurred to me what technique I was doing wrong on the night the wrist started kicking up. We were practicing volleys. When I first started volleying in the early 90s, on the forhand side I would use my eastern grip. I liked it that way because I could nail it further out in front than with the continental grip. I still hit the forhand volley out front, but with a continental grip. To do this, I have to lay my hand back and it can take a pretty sharp blow sometimes. It's a great shot, but it's taking me out of the game for a bit. I'll be sure to relax and take that ball further back from now on.

I have my wrist wrapped in a layer of tourna grip and a layer of thin medical tape. It gives a little support and is comfortable. I think I'll go in for PT though. I don't want to miss any of the Summer season.

Thanks again.
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