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Originally Posted by tennispro492 View Post
So if the other guys can challenge and defeat fed, nadal and djoker why cant they beat david?
they can not consistently challenge the top4 because they lack game. the have the strokes to beat them but not the movement. that means they need a golden day where they hit the lines on every stroke to beat them which sometimes happens but more often not.

for them ferrer is the same as playing the big 4. on a golden day they can beat david too but this happens rarely. this is because while ferrer lacks the strokes of the big 4 he is also very good at taking the ball early and making them run. note that ferrer doesn't play defensively against those 3, he wins by driving them out of the middle of the court and eliciting errors on the run just like the big 4 do usually (bird, tsonga and DP also mostly lose against the big4 it's not that he regularly beats them).

however against the big 4 this game by ferrer doesn't work because they have the strokes AND the legs so there is just nothing that david can do against them. unlike the 3 big hitters he doesn't have the option to hit through them.

but note that those big hitters are not really better players then ferrer. it is no coincidence that he is ranked ahead of them. it is not just big hitters lacking consistency. they have serious weaknesses which they will never overcome. however unlike ferrer they also have some strengths that sometimes compensate for their weaknesses. but this rarely happens the inconsistency is the norm not the exeption.

unfortunately many posters here don't play tennis so they don't understand why tsonga and co. cannot hit those 100mph winners consistently. it's about subtle things like balance, timing and footwork that only people who have played at some level (not necessarily super high but at least decent) can understand.
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