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Originally Posted by Timbo's hopeless slice View Post
Hi Mick

Congrats on the whole diary thing, and good luck!

Sounds like the young fella is ready for a Junior Tournament.

It would be a great way to get a feel for where he sits relative to competitive players his own age.

Just be prepared fro some of these 'baseline bashers' to be a lot more capable of handling young Mick's variety than you seem to expect.

That said, I applaud your efforts so far, sounds like it's going great
Thanks, yea sometimes it may sound like bragging, but heh I'm a proud dad, I love my son, and the other day I'm telling you IT WAS THE COOLEST THING I EVER SAW.

Here I am complaining that he isn't hussling, but then he just turns into a TIGER the second he's playing this adult. I mean at 12 I would have probably been afraid of him, not Mick. I mean he wants to be Roger Federer! He even imitates him in the sense of making a great shot then showing no emotion.

At first I thought "Ok, he's lucking out", but he did better and better, never let up, the guy looked over to us (His wife and I) as if "What the heck is this". IT WAS THE COOLEST THING I EVER SAW. I am definitely going to get a camera.
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