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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
Hey Mick! Yes, definitely get a camcorder and take pictures and vids whenever possible. You will be very glad you did, and your son will be very glad you did. It will gain in value for you as the years pass.

Yes, that's one way. As tennis_balla mentioned, the gopro ( ) camcorders are fantastic, and would indeed be a good investment.

But if a gopro isn't currently in your budget, then start saving and just get a cheap camcorder for the time being(eg., I'm making do with a Sony Cybershot until springing for a gopro is in my budget. In lieu of getting a tripod, or fashioning a fence mounting thingy, or getting a gopro, which has all the mounting attachments you'll ever need, I just tape my CyberShot to the top of one of the garbage can holders at my public courts which I move to the center by the back fence. A higher perspective would be better, so I'm going to either fashion something I can hook to the fence out of a wire coat hanger or figure out some other way to do it. Any suggestions? Of course, I could just go ahead and get a tripod. ).

Anyway, nice thread and best wishes to you and your son for lots more rewarding times with tennis.
Hi Tom, how are you?

Thanks, yea it's time to get a camera, I so wish I had that on tape. Just have to wait for a deal to come in and I'm getting one.
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