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Originally Posted by Timbo's hopeless slice View Post
Hi Mick

Congrats on the whole diary thing, and good luck!

Sounds like the young fella is ready for a Junior Tournament.

It would be a great way to get a feel for where he sits relative to competitive players his own age.

Just be prepared fro some of these 'baseline bashers' to be a lot more capable of handling young Mick's variety than you seem to expect.

That said, I applaud your efforts so far, sounds like it's going great
I didn't comment on your point about baseliners. Yea I'm not training him to be a serve and vollyer, but rather TO KNOW HOW. It amazes me how most don't know. I know that some can rip balls right by him. I teach him to yea play from the baseline, but mix it up, it throws guys off, like it did that guy. That guy was no slouch, he started younger than mick, was 28, and plays all through the winter. His problem is that when I saw him hitting with his wife, they were just hitting baseline, so he had no idea how to handle a guy coming forward, catching the ball in the air mid court and jamming it back.

I just think learning everything is important, I'm not against baseline play at all, but I think mixing it up, making every shot different, making every position different is important.

Anyways as you can tell I'm still jazzed
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