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Well, I suppose anything is possible.
Just I saw GeneMayer and Frew hitting groundstrokes with semi open stances on their 2 handed shots, often sidespinning for DTL shots like Connors. That sidespin makes the opponent run one more step. CC, they'd hit normal topspin, so the ball curved normal.
One of my hero's on my way up beyond C was a RonnieLouie, of the Louie sister's fame, who hit wide openstanced 2hbh's with sidespin and even a little underspin. Playing mostly in the A's when I was watching him, his 2hbh didn't seem at all a weaker side, and smart opponent's would often hit to his forehand, which was a flat E grip.
I"m not saying we all should hit 2hbh's with an open stance, but I think there is room for a Connors like 2hbh today, where sidespin is used for DTL, and topspin for CC shots.
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