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I actually used the PB 10 Mid before the C10 Pro. I'm using the C10 Pro right now. At first I was getting too much power, but I dialed it in with higher tensions.

To sum it up, the PB10 Mid is very fast and has excellent feel. The control and precision of that racquet are off the charts. The C10 Pro is more solid and lively. I find I get better plough through with it. The feel is silky smooth, but not much compares to a mid like the PB10 Mid for touch.

That is a tough question since I like both. I might go with the Organix simply because it offers better power and is a little closer to the C10 Pro in that regard. The PB 10 Mid still wins on the touch and feel front, but I think I can hit a bigger ball with the Organix version.

Chris, TW
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