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Originally Posted by bluetrain4 View Post
Fair point. I think the most impressive wins by the "Second 4" over the Big 4 in Slams, in no particular order are:

Delpo over Nadal and Fed at the USO

Tsonga over Nadal at the AO and over Fed at Wimbledon. [I'd also note his near-win over Djoker at the French. I don't recall his earlier wins over Murray and Djoker at Slams, which, I'm assuming were before they had rounded into the champions they are now. Still impressive, but not as impressive as his other Big 4 wins.]

Berdych over Fed at FO and USO.

Ferrer over Nadal at 2006 or 2007 USO.
Just FYI. Tsonga beat Murray at the 2008 AO, so hardly an important one there, but his win over Djoker came at the 2010 AO. That one can't be totally discounted even though Djoker's 2010 was bad and 2011 was the start of his best years.

Berdych has never beaten Fed at the FO. He has done it at Wimbledon though. And Ferrer's win over Nadal at the USO came in 2007.
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