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Originally Posted by slowfox View Post
Why tip a stringer? You're already paying for service. If you wanna get 'em something nice for Christmas, then go for it. But tipping for service on a racquet is a bit odd. Would you tip your local dry cleaner?

No, I don't tip the drycleaner. I tip my barber. When I get new tires, I tip the guy who changed the tires if it is a shop that lets me be in the garage area. Do you tip at a car wash? Do you tip at a parking garage? Valet parking?

The point is anonymous service is not tipped generally. When you deal directly with the service person, often a tip is expected or appropriate. I already said I have never tipped stringers when I drop the racquet off. It does seem to me that standing there watching while he strings it makes the situation a little different, but I started this thread because I wasn't sure.
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