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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
HIT Thru your slice like Ken Rosewall does. It will be Penetrating like Nadal forehand. Just do NOT CHOP like Federer.
Ditto the Ken Rosewall BH.

I've seen a video long time ago where his BH "slice" was described as a "knocker":

1. NOT chopping thru the bottom of the ball, but "knock" or push it forward *firmly*.

2. Racket face almost vertical, finished facing the right instead of facing upward like a regular backspin slice.

3. For returning high bouncing topspin shots, use a side-armed "semi-smash" motion, kinda like a squash/racketball high BH.

Gee... I think this down-the-line shot can ****ed off even Nadal
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