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Originally Posted by martini1 View Post
This is something I never heard of let alone experience on the court! Unreal!

It's a group class for adults, with all kinds of people at the 3.0-3.5 level I suppose. I arrived early along with a couple other students, we were still waiting for the coach and the others to arrive. A teen (the only teen in the class, the rest are in their late 20's to about 40's) saw one of us started to warm up with some serves so he tried to follow. I stood on the other end of the court pretending to return. And the story begins...

At that time a few more people arrived, along with the coach. There is bench by the side of the court and people are laying their bags down to get their gears out. Naturally if you are putting your bag down your back would be facing the court. The teen misfired a serve and hit a guy probably on his butt. It was a ball with some force but no way faster than 50mph had it landed on court. We all knew it was a mistake and somebody made a "UUHHH" "AAAAH" sound. This guy suddenly charge at me with a water bottle in his hand. I must say he acted normal in the past classes and we had no problem getting along. At first I thought he would come to me make a joke or something.

He charged at me and threw the water bottle right at me at full force. I had little time to react and could only turn my body a little. The water bottle hit me on the side of my body. Just to say how hard he threw the bottle, the cap broke and water was spilled. Yes, it did hurt. Like somebody punched me.

He then walked away and acted like nothing happened. I was furious and started to drop the f bomb on him. He then said he thought I was the one to hit with a ball on purpose. He gave a half hearted apology after he found out he made a mistake, but kept saying I needed to chill out and it was "only a water bottle". I immediately said I could call the cops on this. The coach, who I have known for a few years asked me not to escalate the situation and tried to end the matter.

And he did let him stayed in the class. After a 10 min warm up the coach gathered the class again and ask the kid to apologize to the crazy guy, and the crazy guy in return gave me a more serious apology.

Anyway, I thought the coach should really kick him out of the class right at that moment (he did the following week after I called him). Yes, I know it would make the coach look bad if cops showed up and made a big scene where everybody else would watch it like a TV show. I did not call the cops only because the coach keep begging me not to, but in hindsight I think it is better to just let the police handle the situation, and more importantly have him on the record. You never know these days. He could show up in the next class with a knife or something. If we have a arrest record we can easily call the cops again as soon as we see his face, just to scare him not to show up ever. I swear to god if he ever tries to charge at me again I would just swing my racket to defend myself.

Hopefully he is out for good and doesn't try anything stupid like trying to come back to class or register for other future classes I am in.
Yeah I can understand being a little upset about getting pegged with an errant ball when you are just unpacking your bag, but to charge randomly at someone you think did it and to throw your water bottle at them is beyond ridiculous.
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